12U Division

Players:  9v9

Roster:  16 maximum; 11 Minimum for two teams or more

Minimum # of Players:  6

Length of halves:  30 minutes

Half-time Length:  10 minutes


12U Division plays on a small-sided field.

*Maximum Field Size – 80 yards by 55 yards

*Minimum Field Size – 70 yards by 45 yards

  • Center Circle – 8-yard radius
  • Penalty Area – 14 yards by 34 yards (14 yards from each goalpost).
  • Goal Area – 4 yards by 14 yards (4 yards from each goalpost).
  • Goals – 6.5 feet by 18 feet (goals up to 7 feet by 21 feet may be used).
  • Penalty Spot – 10 yards from Goal Line.
  • Penalty Arc – 8-yard radius from Penalty Spot for area outside Penalty Area.


Headers:  As of September 2016 headers are allowed overall in this age group in accordance with Indiana Soccer and the US Soccer’s safety campaign.  HOWEVER, players that are ages 10 or under that are playing in the 12U division are NOT allowed to head the ball.  It is the responsibility of the coach and  to ensure compliance not the referee.