Coaches should try to turn in their reports within 24 hours of the game; although according to the WCSSF rules, the coaches have three days to turn in the reports.  Here’s how to file a coach’s report…

·   Go to

·   Click on the “MEMBER ACCOUNT” tab to the left of the screen.

·   Click on “LOG IN” in the “TEAM & TEAM OFFICIAL” box.

·   Enter your username & password under “TEAM ACCOUNT”.

·   Enter your username & password, click submit.

·   Click on the “WCSSF Fall 2013” or current season.

·   Click on the “SCHEDULE” tab.

·   Click on the “Submit Report” button to the right of the game.

·   Fill in the game report; and hit “submit” at the bottom.  If you hit ‘back” without first hitting “submit”, the report will not be saved and entered into the system.


We hope that all the games will run smoothly this season.  However, if something “BIG” happens at one of your games, feel free to send a quick email to the WCSSF Board ( to alert them of the problem.  Include as much information in the game report as possible.

HINT:  Print off the game card prior to the game, and you can use that to help remind you of things to include in your game report (good things as well as bad).