Once the schedules have been posted, all changes are requested through GotSoccer.   During the season, you may get an email or request to change the date and time of a game.

Sometimes the opposing coach will send you first an email in order to get a date and time set before putting the final request into GotSoccer.  Once a date and time are agreed upon, the request MUST be entered into GotSoccer.  Changes are not final until it is approved and changed within GotSoccer.

Here’s how to accept or deny a game change in GotSoccer:

·     Enter into your team’s GotSoccer Account.

·     Click on the “WCSSF Spring 2014” (or current season) button under EVENTS.

·     Click on the tab labeled “Schedule.”

·     To the right of the game, you should see a box that says “Pending Request”, and button called “RESPOND”.   Click on the “RESPOND” BUTTON.

·    The requested new date and time will be listed along with any comments from the other team.  There is a drop-down menu (Select Response).  You will need to choose either AGREED or REFUSED, add a note if you want and then hit “UPDATE”.

·    Once you hit the AGREED button, the WCSSF will be notified.  The WCSSF will double check to make sure the field is available.  Once everything is double checked, the WCSSF will approve the change and it will appear in GotSoccer.  This may take up to three days to approve.  If it isn’t changed within three days, please feel free to send an email to wcssfsoccer@gmail.com.


If your team is the “home” team, and need to change the time and/or date of your game, please check, beforehand, with the Site Coordinator, Assignor and/or Rec Plus Coordinator to see if the field is available.  This will speed up the process.


It is completely up to the opposing team whether or not to accept the request for a change in the schedule.  Sometimes this is not possible, due to the other team’s schedule.  So, please be understanding in this matter.