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The WCSSF is an interclub competitive league designed to provide the Select Soccer Player (9U-19U/High School) a competitive experience, while focusing on equitable fair play and good sportsmanship while providing a venue for the players to have fun.

To this end, the WCSSF believes that the following standards of behavior for players, parents, and coaches are essential to our goals.

Players: The WCSSF will not tolerate behavior which brings the WCSSF, your club, team or game into disrepute. To this end, players must abide by the following minimum standards at all times:

  • Be respectful towards teammates, opponents, coaches and referees. Conduct yourself with honor, dignity, and self-control.
  • Play the game for the fun of the game, the challenge, and the chance to show your best. Be gracious when you lose and generous when you win.
  • Accept decisions of coaches and referees with class and dignity. Believe in their judgment and honesty.

Players who do not abide by these expectations will be disciplined by game officials, their coach, and, in very extreme situations, the WCSSF.

Parents: The WCSSF will not tolerate behavior which brings the WCSSF, your club, team, or game into disrepute. The WCSSF believes that the attitude shown by parents toward the coach, the referees, the opposing players and the importance of winning vs. losing are of paramount importance. Inappropriate comments or actions by adults bent on short term success rather than the long range benefits undermines the essence of competition and introduces stresses which are inappropriate for children:

  • Encourage your player by word and example. The athlete is counting on you as their primary teacher – in soccer and in life!
  •  Accept the decisions of referees and coaches with style and dignity. Never criticize a referee’s integrity, honesty or judgment.  They are there to do an honest job which few others are willing to undertake.
  • Applaud good play by all players. Opponents are friends, for without them your child could not play.  Parents who do not abide by these expectations may be required to leave the field by the referee, the coach, or any Board member of the WCSSF.

Coaches: The WCSSF will not tolerate behavior which brings the WCSSF, your club, team, or game into disrepute. The WCSSF has high standards for the conduct of its coaches. They must be the standard bearers of good sportsmanship, conduct and ethical behavior at all times. The WCSSF believes that the coach must set and maintain an example for all players and spectators to follow:

  • The spirit of the game and its laws are non-negotiable. Coaches need to work hard to create success for the development of players and the team by following the rules and their intent.
  • Respect towards game officials, opponents, and players are absolutely required. Coaches must expect to be treated with respect, honor, and dignity and must demonstrate the same at all times.
  • The conduct of the players is a reflection of the coach. The coach is expected to uphold high standards of sportsmanship for all players at all times and remember that the reputation of the organization and town is formed by the behavior of all its representatives.

Coaches who fail to abide by these expectations will face disciplinary action by game officials and any Board member of the WCSSF.  (NOTE:  If the referee dismisses a team official from a game either verbally or with a red card, that team official has an automatic two-game suspension.  The two-game suspension begins with the very next game.  During the suspension, the WCSSF will evaluate the dismissal to see if additional disciplinary action is warranted.  If the team official is rostered or helps on two teams, the team official is not allowed to attend any game within the WCSSF from either team until the two-game suspension from the one team is complete.)

Procedure to Address Complaints:

The WCSSF has a standing committee to address violations of our Code of Conduct. If any member of our Association wishes to complain about conduct which they believe is contrary to our Code of Conduct, they must:

  • Address the issue with the person directly, either verbally or in writing, within one week of the incident or issue at hand.
  • If there is no satisfactory resolution, then the complainant must, within one week and in written form, notify the WCSSF.
  • All matters which are directed to the WCSSF will be responded to within one week of the receipt of the complaint.
  • Decisions and actions by the WCSSF to address the complaint are final.



for Parents, Relatives or Spectators

As parents, relatives, or spectators of a registered player within the West Central Suburban Soccer Federation (“WCSSF”), it is important to be a good role model at games in which your son/daughter/relative/friend is a participant.  Therefore, any parent, relative or spectator at any game or practice within the WCSSF is expected to uphold and abide by certain standards.

All Parents, Relatives or Spectators WILL:

  • encourage fair play.
  • cheer in a positive manner for all players, regardless of which team they represent.
  • cheer at all games within the spirit of fair play and shall do their best to cheer the effort regardless of the outcome. They will be mindful in “lopsided” games where cheering their own “winning” team might be misunderstood.
  • only give positive feedback to players.
  • show respect for the game officials by not criticizing them or undermining their authority in the eyes of the players.
  • display good sportsmanship as a positive example for the players.
  • allow the coaches to do the coaching.
  • agree to accept the decisions of the coaches, referees, and administrators with respect and good grace. (Coaches contribute many hours of their time to your children. They deserve your congratulations when the team wins and your encouragement when the team doesn’t.)
  • be generous when the team wins, and graceful when the team loses.
  • conduct themselves with honor and dignity.
  • communicate any concerns to the coach at the appropriate time (recommended 24-hour cool off period) away from the playing location and players.
  • always remain at least two yards from the playing field so the young players have room to play and enjoy the game.

Parents, Relatives, or Spectators will …

  • NOT use foul language or obscene gestures at a game or practice site.
  • NOT use gestures or comments that express disagreement with referee decisions.
  • NOT consume alcoholic beverages on the field location at practices or games.
  • NOT criticize the performance of their child/relative/friend or his/her teammates.
  • NOT criticize the opponents of the team.
  • NOT embarrass any child/relative/friend by their behavior.
  • NOT engage in physical or verbal confrontations with spectators, officials, coaches, administrators, or other players.
  • NOT encourage, or accept someone else’s encouragement of, the intentional injury, of any player.
  • NOT criticize the referee openly or directly … during or after Any criticism shall be done in writing to the club or the WCSSF, not verbally.
  • NOT confront a coach at, during, or immediately after a game, and recognize that if you have a question or concern that you may contact the club or WCSSF at a later time.
  • NOT confront a Referee at, during, or immediately after a game, and recognize that if you have a question or concern that you may contact the coach, club or WCSSF at a later time.

Furthermore, please understand that you not only represent your player, but also the team, the club, the league, and the game of soccer.  Therefore, you must conduct yourself accordingly.

The Coach and the other parents / relatives of the team will hold you accountable for your actions and behavior.  Also, the Administration at the WCSSF, the club and its appointed disciplinary committee will monitor behaviors and will take appropriate action to uphold the WCSSF’s Code of Conduct.

Parents, Relatives and Spectators will be held accountable to the WCSSF and Indiana Soccer disciplinary standards and are subject to ejection and suspension by the WCSSF, state association, club or the team.  Any improper behavior at a match may result in a parent, relative or spectator being asked to leave the field by the referee, a club official, or a representation of the WCSSF.  At that time, the WCSSF can, and will, if necessary, suspend any individual’s privilege to watch their child play should a parent, relative or spectator behaves in a manner that is rude or otherwise offensive.