* These are the instructions for the new system, GotSport.  However, since this system is new, please email us at wcssfsoccer@gmail.com if you find any mistakes. *

How to Submit a Game Change Request in GotSport  (Click HERE for the file with pictures.)


Coaches and Managers can submit a request for a game change that will then go to the opposing coach/manager for review and approval.

***Note that the event director must have this setting enabled in order for a coach/manager to be able to use this tool.



  1. From the coach/manager dashboard, click on “Team Management”

2. Next click on “Matches”

3. As needed, the filters at the top of the matches list can be used to narrow down the number of matches listed

  1. Once the match that is being requested to change has been located, click on the three dots to the right of the match and then click on “Request Change”

5. Update the match information to be changed as needed and click the Save button

  1. The requesting coach will then see the change status as “Pending”
  1. Once the request has been submitted, the receiving team will then see the pending request on their list of matches and have the option to respond by clicking on “Respond” 
  1. The two response options will be agreed or refused. 
  1. If/when agreed upon, then the request will be sent to the event director for final approval.  Once approved the match will reflect accordingly on both teams’ matches list and show a status of “Request Approved”.