WCSSF Division Overview beginning Fall 2022

Below is just a quick overview.

Division       #of Players     Half length         Half-Time length     Min # players     # Rostered players          Acceptable Ages **

11U                           7v7            25 minutes                   5                       5                                  12                                 see Age Chart

13U                           9v9            30 minutes                   5                       6                                  16                                 see Age Chart

15U                         11v11          35 minutes                  10                     7                                  18                                 see Age Chart

19U+ (Spring)        11v11          40 minutes                  10                     7                                  22*                                 (See Note 1)

19U+ (Fall)                 7v7           35 minutes+               10                      5                                  14                                   (See Note 1)

Adult                          7v7            35 minutes                 10                      5                          unlimited


+18U/19U Players MUST be enrolled in High School at the beginning of the school year in order to participate in this division.

*Although up to 22 players can be rostered on the Spring High School team, only 18 players are allowed to dress and sit on the bench at any given game.

**Check Age Chart for complete overview of acceptable ages. 

Note 1:  All players in the 19U/HS Division MUST be enrolled in High School or Middle School.  Any player that has graduated high school is not eligible to participate.