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5.1:  The WCSSF will allow the use of Select Passes beginning with the 2018 Spring season.  It will take much coordination within the Clubs to implement and use the Select Soccer Passes.  With the implementation of the Select Passes, the Equal Strength Rule will no longer be enforced in WCSSF-sanctioned games.

  • A Select Pass is simply the ISA-issued player pass issued by ISA for players playing on a Select Soccer team.
  • Travel Player Passes as well as Travel Club Player Passes are not defined as Select Passes and cannot be used in WCSSF Select Soccer games.
  • A Select Pass will allow teams that will be short players the opportunity to use Select Soccer players from other Select Soccer teams within the same club to play in regular season games.
  • The intent of using the Select Pass is for players to develop more awareness, allegiance and growth within a Club. The purpose is not to stack or strengthen a team but rather to allow a team that will be shorthanded on a given game to get Select Soccer players from within their Club to field a full team on the field.  Requiring teams to play less than the age-level proper maximum number of players on the field does not allow players to learn and play within formations and structure.  The Select Pass will help teams to be able to field a full team on the field.

5.2:  Players registered with a club may use their ISA Select player pass to play for any other age-eligible teams within their own club. (Note: All Select Pass players must be “Rec Plus”/Select level. Clubs may not Select Pass travel players to a “Rec Plus”/Select team)

NOTE:  Players registered within a club may use the Select Pass to play up a level if needed.  (i.e.- a 11U player may choose to participate in a 13U division game; a 13U age player may participate in a 15U division game; a 15U age player may participate in a 19U division game.)  Below is the “WCSSF Acceptable Age Chart” to verify if a player may participate in a higher division.

5.3:  Up to two (2) registered Travel Players may be rostered to a Select Soccer team.  All currently registered Travel Players will be automatically marked as “secondary” on the pass and the official ISA-issued roster will also identify these players as Secondary.  (FYI:  ISA does not allow any currently registered travel players as primary players on a Select/Rec Plus team.)  Secondary Travel Players cannot play on any other of the Club’s Select soccer teams other that the one team that they are rostered.  (NOTE:  Travel Players are not Select Pass-eligible.)

5.4:  Guest players (defined as “a player who is not on the team’s official roster nor plays for another Select Soccer team within the same club) are not allowed to participate on any WCSSF team. Select Pass players are not defined as “guest players.”

5.5:  In order to play in a game, the Select Pass player must have a Select Pass (player pass) to hand to the referee.  Xeroxed copies of the Select Pass are NOT allowed.  In addition to the Select Pass (player pass), the player may either be placed on the Game Card via GotSoccer before the game or simply be handwritten onto the Game Card.

5.6:  If a Select Pass player is added to the Game Card, that Game Card along with the Select Pass must be given to the referee to check in the team.  If the Select Pass player has their pass in hand but has not been added to the Game Card, then the coach must give the Game Card or the official roster along with the Select Pass to the referee for check-in.

5.7:  The team can add Select Pass players to the game roster as long as the number of players does not exceed a total of 11 players for 11U; 13 players for 13U; a total of 15 players for 15U division; a total of 15 players for HS Spring division; or a total of 11 players for the HS Fall division.  (Update 8-12-19)

5.8:  As coaches become aware that they will not have enough players to field a full team on the field, they should contact their Club’s director of coaching (DOC) to help find players from within their Select Soccer ranks as long as the total number of players per game does not exceed the limits listed in Rule 5.7 above.  (Note:  Travel players cannot play with a Select Pass on a Select soccer team in which they are not officially rostered.)

5.9:  On the day of a game, if a team will be short players, the coach can use players from their Club’s Select Soccer teams by getting with another of the Club’s Select Soccer team’s coaches and asking if any player would be able to assist in the game.  as long as the total number of players per game does not exceed the limits listed in Rule 5.7 above.  If this occurs, the coaches will need to exchange the effected player’s Select Soccer pass for the upcoming game.  It will then be the responsibility of the two coaches to coordinate the return of the Select Pass before the next game.

NOTE:  A Select Pass system is not designed to take the place of one of the team’s rostered players.  For example, at the beginning of the game, a 15U team only has 14 players.  The coach allows a Select Pass player to participate bringing the game roster up to 15, the allowable number of players per Rule 5.7 when using a Select Pass player.  After the game begins, a rostered player from the team shows up, giving the team 16 game rostered players, one more than the allowable number of players per Rule 5.7 when using a Select Pass player.  In this scenario, the Select Pass player should be removed from the game in order to allow the team’s rostered player to participate.  The Select Pass player is the only player that should be pulled out of the game.  The team’s rostered players should be given top priority regardless of the skill of the players involved, the score of the game, etc.

5.10:  For the season ending tournaments, the Select Passes cannot be used by any team.  The Secondary Travel Players (up to 2 only per team) can play in the tournaments on the official rostered team.