This is a High School Division.  18U-19U players are allowed to participate in this division only if they were enrolled in a High School at the beginning of the current school year.  Homeschool players are also eligible to play in the WCSSF League.  Please check the WCSSF’s “Allowable Age Chart” to see the ages of the participants allowed to participate in this division.

Players:  11v11

Roster:  22 maximum (However, only 18 players are allowed to dress and sit on the bench for any given game.)

Minimum # of Players:  7

Length of halves:  40 minutes

Half-time Length:  10 minutes


19U/High School Division in the Spring season play on a full-sided field.  The 19U/High School & 15U divisions both play on a full-sided field, so if you have both divisions, they can use the same field.)

Maximum Field Size – 120 yards by 80 yards

Minimum Field Size – 100 yards by 55 yards

  • Center Circle – 10-yard radius
  • Penalty Area – 18 yards by 44 yards (18 yards from each goalpost).
  • Goal Area – 6 yards by 20 yards (6 yards from each goalpost).
  • Goals – 8 feet by 24 feet.
  • Penalty Spot – 12 yards from Goal Line.
  • Penalty Arc – 10-yard radius from Penalty Spot for area outside Penalty Area.