Coaches’ Meeting

Below is a copy of the “PowerPoint” presentation for the Coaches’ Meeting.  Please see below to view a video covering the material covered in the Coaches’ Meeting.  The videos have been separated into four separate videos for easier viewing.

WCSSF Coaches Meeting – Fall 2019


Below are four videos that cover the information provided at the coaches meeting for the Fall 2019 Season.  BEWARE!  This is our first attempt to try to put together a video, so the quality is not professional.  However, the material will be beneficial and hopefully is a tool that you can use to help you have a “smooth” and wonderful Fall soccer season!  (Note:  as of 8/31, we have been able to upload 3 of the 4 videos.  Please check back later for the last one.)


Fall Coaches Meeting Video – Part 1:  This video covers the introduction; WCSSF Organization; New FIFA rules as of Fall 2019; and special division rules within the WCSSF.  

Fall Coaches Meeting Video – Part 2:  This video covers Schedules, Cancellations & Reschedules; and Player Passes & Select Pass Rules.

Fall Coaches Meeting Video – Part 3:  This video covers Sportsmanship, Referees & Playing with Integrity.

Fall Coaches Meeting Video – Part 4:  This video covers Game Reports; What to Do?; WCSSF FYI’s and Final Advice; and Questions, Concerns, and Comments.

*** NOTE:  One of the slides has an incorrect email.  The correct email address is  “WCSSF” was accidentally left off on the slide; it was corrected on the PowerPoint presentation above.  ***