Sometimes, you need to contact the opposing team to reschedule a game; to notify the opposing team that sudden weather has cancelled the game last minute; etc.  There are many reason.  You have access to this information through your team account in GotSoccer.

The easiest way is to check our website at  The WCSSF posts a current list of coaches, assistant coaches and team managers for the current season.

In addition to the above, here’s another way to access that information:

  • Click on “Login” under Teams & Team Officials
  • Enter your team’s username and password
  • Click on the current WCSSF season (i.e.- WCSSF Spring 2019)
  • Click on the “Schedule” tab
  • Find the game/team that you want information for, and then click on “Chat”.  Once you did, a pop-up window will appear with the Primary Contact Person, the coach, and the team manager.  It will list the home phone, cell phone and email address.  Although the WCSSF hasn’t activated the ‘chat’ function, it will give you the current contact information.