Enter into your GotSoccer account:

  • Click on “Home”
  • Click on “Schedule”
  • If the game, which you need to file the report, does not appear in the “Event” box, click on the drop-down menu and select “WCSSF Fall 2021″ and hit “Apply Filters”
  • Click on “Report” over in the left hand column next to the game.  
  • Enter the scores, and hit “Save Scores”.
  • Enter the questions below and hit “Save Supplemental” near the bottom of the page.

Remember, that you need to hit both the “Save Scores” button as well as the “Save Supplemental” or both sections will not be saved. 


Filling out a Referee’s Report Reminders:

After every game, the center referee is required to complete a game report within 24 hours of the game.  Although it is not required, the AR can complete a game report as well.  The AR should complete a report if there were any problems with the coaches, team players or parents.

The WCSSF uses the game reports as (1) a way to ensure that the league’s rules and guidelines are being followed since we cannot be at every game scheduled; and (2) that the coaches and players are exhibiting proper sportsmanship.

The WCSSF hopes that all the games will run smoothly this season.  However, if something “BIG” happens at one of your games that needs immediate attention, please alert the WCSSF by sending an email right away to us at wcssfsoccer@gmail.com or if the situation warrants it, please contact your assignor immediately.  He/She will then contact one of the WCSSF board members.

However, allow the WCSSF to give you a couple of reminders when filling out the game reports:

Reminder #1:  In the game reports, please include specific information not generalizations.  For instance, a referee may write, “the coaches were terrible.”  Unfortunately, the WCSSF can’t do much with this information to follow-up on the situation.  However, another referee may write, “the Coach from the home team kept arguing whenever I called a foul against his team.  At one point during the game, the coach was yelling very loudly.  I went over and asked the coach to settle down.  The coach did not settle, so a few minutes later I told him to quiet down or he would be asked to leave.  At that point the coach settled down.  There were no further problems for the remainder of the game.”  This helps the WCSSF quite a bit.  We can, then, use this report and contact the coach about his/her behavior.

Reminder #2:  Please include any yellow cards and/or red cards that were issued.  Include the number of the player as well as his/her name.

Reminder #3:  Please include in the game report under “game incidents” if a team did not have the player passes or roster.