How to Submit or upload a team to Indiana Soccer

  • Enter into your club’s GotSoccer account.
  • Click on “Club” tab; and then click on “Teams” option in the black line under the tabs.
  • About halfway down the screen, you should see a box labeled “Register Teams in” with a dropbox. From the dropbox, choose “Indiana Player Registration 2016-2017 (8/1/2016)” (or the current soccer season) and hit “Select”.

WARNING!!! Make sure that you do NOT select the choice that includes “REC ONLY” or “Adult Registration”. These choices are very close, so make sure you select the correct only.

  • At this time, all the teams within your club that are NOT currently registered in the Indiana Soccer Player Registration will appear. (If your clubs has a lot of teams, you can use the filters above this box to reduce the number of teams shown.)
  • Look over the list of teams, and find the ones that you want to register with Indiana Soccer and check the box to the left. Once they are all checked, click on the “Enter Selected Teams” button.
  • A window will pop up and ask if you are sure that you want to register the teams. Click ‘Ok’.   The list of teams will now adjust to only show the teams that are NOT registered in the event.
  • Once you register the teams with Indiana Soccer, you will need to notify Indiana Soccer.
    • While still in your club account in GotSoccer, click on the “Home” tab.
    • Click on the “Support” option in the black line underneath the tabs.
    • Click on “Open a Support Ticket” button.
    • Complete the support ticket. In the “Problem Description” box, you can simply say that you have registered your teams.


REMINDER!!! ALL players must be rostered on a team and the team must be registered with Indiana Soccer before the first game of the season. Otherwise, the players are not covered under the Indiana Soccer umbrella of protection.