The WCSSF 2018 Calendar

The approved calendar for 2018 has been posted. Just click on “Important Dates” under “League Events”.

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Times are changing and so is the WCSSF!!!!

Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Currently, the WCSSF is known as a “Rec Plus” league.  However, Indiana Soccer has been making a lot of changes over the past couple of years and one of these changes has been to change the name of the “Rec Plus” leagues to “Select Soccer”.  So, from this point forward, we will be known as a “Select Soccer” league.  Don’t worry, though, the ideology and values that the WCSSF held in the Rec Plus league will still be present in Select Soccer...

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The West Central Suburban Soccer Federation (“WCSSF”) is an inter-club
competitive league designed to provide the Select Soccer Player U10
through U19 (ages 9-18) a competitive experience, while focusing on
equitable fair play and good sportsmanship while providing venue for the
players to have fun.

WCSSF Rules and Regulations
Code of Conduct
Tournament Rules
Latest News
Presidents Corner
Contact Us
Parents Hotline
Board Members

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Safety on the Field!

Safety Tips

It is important for parents and coaches to work together to keep the children safe.  There are a number of good articles to the left, which help outline the various steps that one can take to help their child or their players throughout the season.
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President’s Corner

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Carol Banta

I have been a soccer mom since 1999. As my son grew a stronger interest in soccer we explored the different levels of soccer.  Rec Plus soccer is a perfect fit for my family good competition  for my player affordability for me and within travel area that is best for the whole family.

My appreciation for the league influenced my desire to serve on the board.  
Mike Hill

Mike Hill

As league President, I want to promote good sportsmanship between the players, coaches, and referees. I want to see everyone have a chance to play soccer no matter there skill level and promote a fun safe environment to play the game.